Sacramento Housing Market Is Heating Up

Dated: 02/11/2020

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By Ryan Lundquist

The market is definitely heating up. Have you noticed? This week 500 properties got into contract in the Sacramento Region. There were 600 new listings also. Here's a Cool way to visualize this with a graph called a histogram. This week on my blog I'll have a huge market update and I'll be writing about an important dynamic to understand at this time of year. The market is getting hot, but we don't see it in the sales stats yet. Why? It takes a month or two for current "hot"pendings to close escrow and show the real trend happening right now. On a similar note, if we give too much weight to sales in January, it's easy to call the market dull since January stats show a slower market. But let's remember January sales represent homes that got into contract during the slower holiday season in November and December before they actually closed in January.Image title

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